What if you were taught the basics of business from a very young age? What if you could get the opportunity to start a business with absolutely no living expenses? And what if you could do that with the help of some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the country today?

This is exactly what the Bizzy Bees program has to offer. We help your little entrepreneur understand the ins-and-outs of business & help them build their very own profitable start-up before life starts getting in the way. All classes and sessions are online and arranged according to times that suit you and your child (excluding the monthly group session).

The Bizzy Bees kidpreneur program is R850 a month & includes:

  • a weekly worksheet
  • a weekly webinar session
  • a weekly mentoring session
  • a monthly group session with other Bizzy Bees kidpreneurs

Due to the fact that this is a very in-depht program that requires a lot of time and effort from our experts we will only allow a limited amount of children in the program.

This program is suitable for children from age 9 – 15 and no previous knowledge or experience is required. For more information or to book your child’s spot, contact info@brandcentralstation.co.za

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